The dissatisfied construction workers resorted to the media to get their complaints heard. Photo: Lizzy Bapela

Workers up in arms


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Blue-collar workers from a construction site descended on The BEAT offices to air their grievances.

A total of 32 of the workers alleged they were told there was no more work for them, when they reported for duty on Wednesday 5 July.

The workers further alleged they were in the employ of a company called GKB Construction, but that their pay slips had one Phettha Constructions in print.

They said they were enlisted nine months ago to install downtown water pipelines.

Workers’ spokesperson, Nando Takalani, said payslips indicated they were registered with the UIF, but then officials at the Department of Labour did not have them on record.

Construction company head, Mike Sambo, allegedly did not communicate with the workers directly, but instead delegates his underlings, Titus Sebola and Walter Mthombeni, to deal with them.

The workers’ grievances include, among others, that they were not paid for working overtime.

Sambo denied the allegations levelled against him.

He said the contract for the 8-kilometre stretch of road he was working on had ended.

Sambo further promised that all outstanding payments to the workers would be settled by the end of July.

10 months ago       13 July 2017