Mercia Tlotli Seleka from Modimolle

The BEAT gathers local opinions on youth month


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Pule Lekalakala from Bela-Bela:
“To me, Youth Month means gratitude, duty and action. I am eternally grateful to live in a time where I can fully pursue and follow my dreams without being held back. It is our responsibility to always make sure we capitalize on every opportunity that comes our way. Most of the world’s biggest innovations and revolutions were brought about by young people; it is time for your (own) revolution.


Boitumelo Moima from Bela-Bela: 
“What a privilege for being part of the youth of this generation, what an honour, what a time to be alive. To be able to dream beyond the fences that used to enslave our parents and their parents, 
To be able to wake up to endless opportunities, to not only to better your own life but those around you. 
We need to stop focusing on what we don’t have right now, and start recognizing the powerful force that we each have within us to be better than yesterday.
Personally, my ears are closed to all the negativity and my eyes are wider than ever before, and when I look in the mirror I see all that I will ever need to be the best I can, like I said , what a time to be alive, not  to have circumstances that limit one’s potential, 


Semakaleng Mothapo from Bela-Bela:

Being a young person in this time means that you have the opportunity to do anything you want to do. The challenges are breaking the barriers of economic freedom.
My advice is that young people should start striving for success, and not wait for government to do things for them.
If you have a dream: follow it, work hard, no matter the challenges you face.


Mercia Tlotli Seleka from Modimolle
I think the biggest challenge is unemployment.
There are so many unemployed graduates. It’s ironic how the Class of ‘76 fought for education, but then now that we were granted that opportunity, we are faced with unemployment, which leads to negative alternatives such as crime and substance abuse.

10 months ago       14 June 2017