Matrata has gone solo and is happy with the results. Photo supplied

Warmbaths Taxi Association adopts local artist


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Patience, perseverance and good character have borne fruit for Bela-Bela’s popular performing artist Johannes Chauke, also known as Matrata.

The Warmbaths Taxi Association (WATA) decided to provide Matrata with free services rendered from or items sold at their local town rank, at the association’s cost. 

This means transportation to all his events, meals for him when visiting the rank and anything he needs that is being sold in the rank, as well a free car wash.

Following his great performance at WATA’s recent event, the association saw it fit to reward the artist for his efforts and dedication. 

The event was a farewell celebration held for the association’s current and outgoing executive committee at the town taxi rank. Matrata’s performance so impressed the taxi drivers, operators and passengers that they felt he had earned this magnificent gift. 

Rank manager Sunday Modike said when invited to perform at the event, Matrata did not turn the association down when they told him they did not have the funds to pay him but would love for him to perform for them. Modike added that Matrata honoured the invite and performed outstandingly.

“The decision to reward him in this way did not just come from nowhere. Everybody who was at the event can testify that Matrata touched them all with his performance. After that, we all could not stop talking about it and the association saw it fit to do something for him, as a token of appreciation,” said Modike.

In his words, Matrata said he could not believe it when WATA chairman, Malesela Mogale, announced the news. He added that he felt proud and honoured to receive such a gesture from the association, especially after struggling many years to get recognition from various entities.

“I felt like I could cry when I heard the news. I only went there just to market myself, not knowing it will bear such fruits. I am so happy and I am already enjoying the rewards in terms of transport. I am now working solo and managed to register my own company. I perform every weekend across the country and outside Bela-Bela,” said Matrata. 

The artist started dancing when he was still a little boy and started singing in a group in 2012. He went solo in 2016 and has never released a full album — as yet his work has been limited to singles. He is now pushing a single track called “Human trafficking” which he says is doing well. 

12 months ago       14 June 2017