MEC for the Limpopo Economic Development, Environment and Tourism (LEDET) Seaparo Sekoati delivered a speech on behalf of Premier Stanley Mathabatha at the awards. Photo: Lizzy Bapela

Toowoomba wins government’s excellence awards


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The Toowoomba Research Centre based in Bela-Bela were crowned the Best Innovative Team in the Agriculture and Rural Development Category during the Limpopo Provincial Government’s excellence awards.

The Limpopo Provincial Government has recently rewarded public servants who went beyond the call of duty to serve the public. 

In the awards, the winners take home R50 000 for a platinum price, which required of 75% of the entrant’s achievement, 70% for Gold, and 60% for Silver. Provincial Government Spokesperson Phuti Seloba said the qualifying team is the one that has contributed in enhancing the image of the department by upholding professional ethos in the implementation of Batho Pele principles.  

The winner, Toowoomba Research Farm Team, consists of two agricultural scientists stationed in Toowoomba, Bela-Bela. The team runs a pilot rainwater harvest and conservation for crop, range and productivity where they teach farmers how to manually dig basins and use hand hoes and spades. 

Seloba said this project was piloted in Ha Lambane village in Venda and through this initiative, most families around the area are now in a good financial standing. He added that they are able to support their families and they no longer rely on buying maize meal, producing their own crops instead. 

The families also conduct scientific research on livestock and pasture and crops production. The water collected through the basins and rainwater stored in JoJo tanks increased the farmers yield and put them on a sound financial footing, where they are comfortably supporting their families. Seloba further said the improved self-reliance has seen the harvest increase from seven to 22 bags of maize meal.  

Delivering a speech on behalf of Premier Stanley Mathabatha, MEC for the Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism (LEDET) Seaparo Sekoati praised public servants on the role they play in transformation of public service. He said the provincial government had dedicated the event to appreciate the extraordinary achievements of some exceptional men and women and teams in the public service. These are men, women and the teams that always go beyond the ordinary call-of-duty.

MEC Sekoati further said recognising these men and women speaks to the commitment to building an effective, efficient and responsive public service. He added that the service excellence award ceremony is evidence of the public servants’ commitment to service the people. MEC Seaparo Sekoati thanked public servants and told them that the Limpopo government rely on their creativity and critical thinking for leaders to do their job of taking services to the people. 

14 months ago       20 April 2017