Both young and old individuals attended the marriage enrichment event. 
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Modimolle dialogue to revive marriages


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The Modimolle-based Bandazana Christina Pilane (BCP) Psychosocial Services hosted a marriage enrichment dialogue program at the Waterberg Christian Community church on Saturday, 1 April.

Christina Pilane, a social worker by profession and a married mother of four hosted the event which was attended by young and old people.

The event was beneficial to both married and non-married individuals, who wished for happy unions.  

From the religious side, the event was blessed by among others Pastors Kenny Tshisevhe and Mokgadi Rameetse. 

Pilane said the purpose of the event was to prepare young couples who are not married, by guiding them on what marriage is about and how to sustain it once they enter into this valued commitment.

“We also have middle aged couples that are happily married and also those who are faced with challenges in their marriages. In a marriage there are many challenges because that is where two people with different minds and different cultures come together as one. We are here to assist them on how to deal with their differences to avoid divorces, suicides and substance abuse,” Pilane told The BEAT.  

Pilane delivered a lengthy presentation which served to strengthen the relationship between couples, their children and extended families.

Members of the audience also had a chance to interact with the host during the session.

There were also two speakers both male and female who gave their own perspective of marriage and could be done to avoid ending marriages. 

Both speakers emphasized that a divorce should not be considered as an option when couples are going through challenges.

From a men’s perspective local prominent businessman Jonas Mashishi encouraged married couples to be transparent, especially when it comes to issues relating to finances and extended families within their marriages. 

“If someone comes to me and tells me that they are having challenges in their marriages, I would never encourage them to opt for a divorce,” he said. 

Mashishi said spending quality time and having an open communication can ensure harmony in marriages. 

From a women’s perspective Maphuti Mashala also reiterated the same sentiments, discouraging couples from considering divorce as an option. 

“There is no reason enough as a Godly woman to walk out of that marriage, and as a Godly single woman there is no reason enough for you to fall into sin,” she said. The issue of domestic abuse was apparently not addressed at the meeting.

Mashala concluded by urging both single and married women to resist temptation. 

14 months ago       06 April 2017