Be on the look out for cash grabbers. Photo as illustration

Trio targets tellers


Justin Steyn   l   Views: 211

The police in Bela-Bela have issued a warning regarding cash withdrawals from auto-teller machines. 

This came after an incident which occurred along Chris Hani Street where a woman, whose identity may not be revealed, was cornered by three men after withdrawing cash at a nearby ATM. 

Lieutenant-Colonel Abel Phetla said the incident happened during broad daylight on Saturday, 20 January.

“It is believed that the victim was observed while she was conducting her transaction at the ATM. She was allegedly followed by the criminals and they demanded money from her,” he said.

Phetla said that the woman sought help from the community and they managed to apprehend one of the suspects.

“The other two managed to flee in an unknown vehicle, and unfortunately the registration number of the vehicle was not captured by any one at the scene,” he explained.

Phetla has since urged the community to come forward with any information relating to the incident, or similar.

2 months ago       26 January 2018