Some of the items discovered by the police. Photo: Lizzy Bapela

Suspect found with police uniforms


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Bela-Bela’s businessman Jonas Mthombeni was arrested in connection with the possession of a range of items such as police uniforms and car-jamming devices in a pre-dawn raid on Friday, 27 October.

Bela-Bela police spokesperson, Lieutenant-Colonel Abel Phetla, said the suspect was arrested during an operation that was launched on Thursday, 26 October, after he was found in possession of, among others, a military uniform, blue lights, gun-holders and binoculars.

He said the suspect was alone when police surprised him.

Phetla said forensic experts were to analyse the loot and determine whether these were used in reported crimes.

The suspect was remanded in custody when he appeared before the Bela-Bela Magistrate’s Court on Monday, 30 October. 

He was expected to appear in court again on Tuesday, 7 November, for formal bail application, while the broader case was postponed for further investigations.

7 months ago       02 November 2017