Deputy Minister in the Presidency Buti Manamela. Photo: Mzamane Ringane

Pledges for drug-free Modimolle


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Deputy Minister in the Presidency, Buti Manamela, joined the young people of Modimolle as they signed a drug-free pledge, on Saturday, 30 September. 

The event was part of daylong activities hosted by the non-profit formation, Organisation Hands On, at the local Ephraim Mogale Stadium

The pledge, which was signed by community-based leaders and members of the community,  declared: “We, the undersigned, hereby express our concern over the growing drug problem among the youth of (the) Modimolle area and pledge our support for The Truth about Drugs programme, and agree to speak out publicly whenever possible to encourage young people to get the facts they need to make their own decisions to be drug-free. Further, we ask elected officials and others in positions of influence to join us in support of effective drug education that empowers young people with the truth about drugs.”

The drug-free pledge was signed as part of the day’s inaugural Colour Run, which took place shortly after Presidency deputy minister Manamela, also leader of the Young Communists League, addressed the scores of participants at the Ephraim Mogale Stadium. 

Manamela disclosed he had lengthy discussions with the Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation, Gert Oosthuizen, about the community work of the Colour Run organisers.

Manamela further explained Oosthuizen had committed his department to facilitate a process from which the Colour Run initiative could be transformed into a national event.

At Ephraim Mogale Stadium Manamela urged the residents of Modimolle to go out and spread the message rejecting vehemently the abuse of drugs. 

“We must say no to any form of drugs, because drugs represent the end for the future of many,” he said. 

Among other notable young people who signed the pledge, was the 31-year-old Modimolle-Mookgophong local councillor, Rufus Magoro.

Organisation Hands On chairperson, Ronnie Makgetha said the ocasion for the anti-drug pledge was part of the broader school-based programme known as The Truth about Drugs.

“We have young people talking to each other about drugs, and on the other hand we also have drug dealers talking to the young people. Unfortunately, parents are not talking to their children about this scourge, and that is where we come in,” he said.

8 months ago       05 October 2017