CCTV footage of the burglary in progress. Image supplied

Daring rascals steal from kids


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Three minutes was what it took a gang of heartless thieves to allegedly clear out a total of 40 laptops from Laerskool Warmbad, disrupting a major nerve centre of the learners’ education.

The loot was estimated at an overall R260 000.

Footage from the school’s CCTV cameras showed one of the alleged thieves tip-toeing from inside the premises carrying what looked like laptops, apparently headed for a getaway vehicle.

According to Captain Annemarie Smith of the Bela-Bela SAPS, the allegedly well-planned heist was conducted by five men on the evening of Wednesday, 2 July.

Smith said it was possible the intruders had placed the school under surveillance for a while, ahead of their daring theft.

Investigators have reason to believe the theft was the result if immaculate planning.

“According to the CCTV footage from the school, the men were able to take all of the laptops within a matter of three minutes. Our investigations are on-going and we remain confident,” she said.

 The schools’ headmaster, Hennie Coetzee, said he was alerted about the break-in at close to midnight on the fateful Wednesday.

“I was alerted about the break in by our security company at about 23:51. I immediately went to check on what had happened, and I was told that there had been a break-in and that the laptops had been stolen. This in a matter of minutes,” he said.

Coetzee said the laptops were a crucial part of the school’s curriculum.

“The laptops were used by learners from Grades 1 to 7. They have been robbed of this opportunity because of these selfish men,” he said.

Despite the tragedy, Coetzee said there was hope the alleged thieves would be brought to book.

“We found the lock at the main enterance into the school had been damaged, and that was how they managed to gain entry. Our CCTV footage shows the faces of the men involved and we remain hopeful they will be caught and brought to book.”

This was the second time the school had suffered a loss of laptops in just over a year.

On Thursday, 9 June 2016, 40 laptops were stolen from the same classroom.

Police have not ruled out a possible link between the two incidents.

9 months ago       10 August 2017