Lions are once again being threatened as the Loebies Predator Park in Bela-Bela has been targeted by poachers. Photo supplied

Attempted poaching at Predator Park


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The king of the savannah continues to be under threat with another incident of lion poaching under investigation in the Waterberg. 

It is most fortunate that none of the animals were successfully poached in the latest instance at a predator park in Bela-Bela. 

Loebies Predator Park announced it had nearly lost some of the lions on the evening of Thursday, 13 July.    

“At around 22:30 we heard a commotion in the fields around the wild dog and lions’ enclosures. We were informed that our fences were cut and entry was gained into the farm. We discovered poisoned chickens that were thrown inside some of the lions’ enclosures. Our lions were spared and did not eat any of the chickens. The poachers, approximately three, fled the scene,” said the park’s owner Annel Snyman.

Snyman said local trackers and anti-poaching units arrived at the scene and started inspecting the area. 

She added further investigations indicated the enclosure’s fencing was damaged in several places.

“They knotted the fence together and concealed it. We have electrical fencing but they managed to hot wire the fence - the lights went on but no alarm sounded,” Snyman explained.

The Park has since urged the community to assist with any information and has urged other parks to be vigilant of suspicious behaviour. 

“This is a plea for urgent help, if there is anyone out there who would be able to assist us in additional security accessories or items that will be able to help protect us. Please get in contact with us as soon as possible as we need all the help we can get.”

Snyman also urged residents of the Loubad and Alma area to be vigilant and report suspicious activity to the Modimolle Police.

Those who would like to assist the park can contact 083 520 9172.

This is the third attack on lions in the Waterberg since June.

Earlier it was reported that the mutilated carcasses of two lions were discovered at the Emoya wildcat sanctuary in Vaalwater in early June. Barely a month later three additional lions were found dead at a farm outside of Modimolle.

The killings are suspected to be for the use of traditional medicines.

Meanwhile, a suspect was arrested for allegedly attempting to poison lions at a farm in Elandsfontein on Tuesday, 18, July.

It is not known if the suspect is linked to the Loebies Predator Park incident. 

10 months ago       21 July 2017