A shootout in Bela-Bela has led to the arrest of two men who allegedly robbed a resident at gunpoint. This firearm was found at the scene.  Photo: Andries van der Heyde

Burst of gunfire along Bela-Bela’s Ludorf Street


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Residents in Ludorf Street in Bela-Bela were alarmed at bursts of gunfire between a local man and an alleged criminal on Tuesday 11 July.

According to the Bela-Bela police spokesperson, Sergeant Hester van Wyk, the shootout started near Laerskool Warmbad when a man, who chose to remain anonymous, was approached at his car by an armed man and held at gunpoint as he stopped in his driveway.

Van Zyl said an accomplice and the culprit demanded money from the victim.

“He complied and the two fled and the armed suspect fired at his car as they ran off. The man took his own firearm and then gave chase into Ludorf Street. An exchange of gunfire went on between the two, but the man managed to apprehend the (armed) robber,” she said.

She added that the second suspect was apprehended at the town’s municipal offices by members of the Bela-Bela Crime Support unit after a description was provided.

No injuries were reported.

The two men, Hilton Marks (37) and Mawanda Ngangaza (24), reportedly from Port Elizabeth, appeared before the Bela-Bela Magistrates Court on Thursday, 20 July and face charges of armed robbery and the possession of an illegal firearm.

The case has been postponed for further investigations and profiling as well as allowing a formal bail application.

10 months ago       21 July 2017