The stationary train caused a traffic snarl-up. Photo: Lizzy Bapela

Grabbing their handbags and flee


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Mystery continues to cloud circumstances around a railway crossing accident from which occupants of a smashed sedan — all women — apparently fled the scene.

The smash took place along the railway line bordering the township and Bela-Bela town in the early hours of Sunday, 11 June.

It was reported that a blue Corsa Lite smashed into the side of a moving train from the direction of township. 

Eyewitnesses told The BEAT there were three women inside the car, including the driver. 

The witnesses said shortly after the accident, the three women hastily fled the scene, allegedly carrying away alcohol beverages, leaving the key in the ignition and other belongings.

Adding to the mystery was an assertion by local acting station commissioner, Lieutenant Abel Phetla, who said the police had no record of the accident, although eyewitnesses insist the cops did arrive on the scene.

The stationary train blocked the entrance between the town and township, causing a traffic snarl-up on the day, with workers on foot ducking under the carriages to arrive at work in time.

10 months ago       06 July 2017