The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) is investigating an alleged shooting that took place in Bela-Bela. The shooting involved a police officer who allegedly shot an attacker in self-defence. Photo supplied

IPID investigates Bela-Bela shooting


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Investigations regarding a shooting incident at the Bela-Bela township are being conducted by the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID).

The details of an alleged shooting that occurred on Friday, 26 May are few, but the national spokesperson for IPID, Moses Dlamini has provided a statement regarding the incident.

“It is alleged that on Friday night at around 23:00, concerned community members called the police after they spotted a suspicious man at a local spaza shop buying cigarettes. The man was allegedly making provocative gestures towards the people who were at the shop,” he said. 

Dlamini said police assistance was sought as the man in question was feared to be a house burglar.  

“They immediately called the police because they had a lot of housebreakings in the area. They suspected that he might be one of those people who are terrorizing them. The police, together with the community, went to search for him at the bush where he fled when police arrived,” he said. 

Dlamini said he charged towards one of the police officers with a panga but the police officer fired a warning shot to scare him away. 

“The man continued charging at the police officer, who then shot him in the stomach and he died on the scene,” Dlamini said 

He added that the man has not yet been identified and that he was not alone. His accomplice evaded capture.  

“The deceased man was living in a shelter around a mountainous area. Police investigations found three pangas that allegedly belonged to him,” Dlamini said. 

Investigations are still underway and no arrests have been made.

The Bela-Bela police were not allowed to comment on the issue.

10 months ago       01 June 2017