The Bela-Bela police are warning the community to be aware of people who are scamming residents into purchasing airtime for them. Photo as illustration  

Airtime scammer at Bela-Bela


Justin Steyn   l   Views: 158

The police at Bela-Bela are investigating incidents of what can be called ‘airtime theft’.

According to Bela-Bela police spokesperson Sergeant Hester van Zyl, two cases have been reported so far.

“In both cases the victims were phoned by a man who persuaded them to do him a favour, which includes buying airtime in large amounts,” she said.

The suspect then apparently promises to reimburse his victim, but the phone is switched off shortly after the conclusion of the call.

Van Zyl said it is possible that the caller could be linked to other criminal activity, and therefore no assistance should be given.

“There could be more than one person responsible for these cases, and they may be involved in major criminal activities. We are pleading with the community not to help people who are asking for airtime if they are not people they know,” she said.

10 months ago       25 May 2017