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Forensic audit results finally released


Andries van der Heyde   l   Views: 131

The results of the long-awaited KPMG result were finally released after 11 months on Tuesday, 11 April, during a council meeting of the Bela-Bela Municipality.

In the 11 months that the report has languished without being released, a child died in violent protests in the township, the mayor, Jeremia Ngobeni, had his personal vehicle set on fire and the community has become convinced that the reason for the delay in releasing the report is that the municipality is ‘hiding something’.

Many residents wanted to attend the latest council meeting, but were notified on the day that only 30 members of the public would be admitted ‘due to the number of seats available’.

The BEAT’s sister paper The Post was able to gain access to the meeting, but many members of the public were displeased about the arrangement and made a great deal of noise outside.

The opposition was displeased because the speaker, Zachariah Moeletsi, had promised weeks ago that the report would soon be released.

The Post was also present at a previous meeting where it was decided that KPMG representatives would present the report on a certain day in March. This clearly never took place.

The EFF’s Sello Mosweu, the DA’s Frans Mothokwa, and executive committee member Kobus van der Merwe all demanded that the KPMG issue be settled first, but Moeletsi maintained that the agenda must be followed.

Mosweu attempted to interrupt the meeting a number of times, but the ANC continued to discuss the mid-term budget, the year-end report, the municipal budget and service delivery implementation plan, as well as the supplementary budget for the coming financial year.

The public were then asked to leave the chambers so that the KPMG report could be presented. Council members soon also left the chambers amid a great deal of noise, however, and The Post was told that there was a disagreement between Ngobeni and some opposition members, which led to the council’s unexpected adjournment.

Council members were upset because, as it turned out, no KPMG representative was present to present the report. The findings were, however, made available, and this matter has now been ‘addressed’.


14 months ago       20 April 2017