Palesa Qoboza, an alleged attempted rape victim from Bela-Bela, said that her health has been severely affected due to the incident. Photo: Justin Steyn

Alleged attempted rapist’s trial postponed


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Stress has hampered the health of alleged attempted rape victim, Palesa Qoboza, who says she has recently suffered a minor stroke.

The 27-year old Bela-Bela resident said pending cases against a man who allegedly tried to rape her, are giving her sleepless nights.

 “I would like this case to be over and done with so that I can move on in my life. The stress has caused me to suffer a minor stroke and I am scared that further stress may affect my health,” she told The BEAT.

Qoboza claims that on Tuesday, 21 February, a man from around her residential area in Leseding who may not be named as he has yet to enter into a plea, entered her house unlawfully and woke her as she was asleep and attempted to rape her. However, she avoided being raped and called for help by two ladies who were near her home.

“He was lying on top of me and wanted to have sex and said he had condoms. He even threatened me if I didn’t give him what he wanted. I knew that our front door was open as I left it unlocked and asked him to get off me so I could get comfortable, but rushed out the front door screaming for help,” she said.

Qoboza said the man was apprehended by police after he allegedly attempted to flee.

He made his first court appearance on Thursday 23 February and was released on bail of R500.

He reappeared before the court once again on Friday, 17 March, but the case was postponed to Monday, 10 April to allow further investigations to continue.

On that day, the case was postponed to Tuesday, 8 May, as a Zulu interpreter was not available for Qoboza.

The case was also postponed as the alleged offender requested the services of a legal representative. 

14 months ago       20 April 2017