Councillor Frans Mothokwa shows his family members the tracks found in the house and around the yard. Photo: Lizzy Bapela

Bela-Bela councillor suffers a break-in


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Bela-Bela’s DA PR Councillor and Caucus Chairperson Frans Mothokwa was left surprised and shocked after he suffered a break-in at his home in Extension 5.

The incident happened over the weekend of Friday, 31 March to Sunday, 2 April when the leader was away in Lebotlwane, North-West attending a relative’s funeral. He told The BEAT that he discovered the incident on his return from the trip.

On arrival at the house, the councillor and his family found that the lock on the door had been forced, allowing the unknown suspects to enter the house. The family added that they then stumbled into men’s boots’ tracks when entering the house and discovered that the suspects also fiddled with his and his partner’s belongings including clothes in the house. 

“I have no idea as to who could have done this and why. What surprises me more, is that only my work tablet was stolen and everything else, including the TV and appliances, items which are known to be targeted by criminals were still in their places. I am so confused, wondering what they were hoping to achieve by doing this, or to find in the tablet,” said the shocked leader. 

The family members present at the scene also expressed their disappointment, saying that it is surprising that a person could risk being caught breaking into someone’s home and steal only one item. They added that they could not even explain the whole thing to the police when they responded to the call. 

Mothokwa further said the police took their statements and opened a case of housebreaking. He added that he was going to communicate more often with them to check the progress of the case. No one in the family has any lead or suspicions of who the suspects could be. 

Meanwhile, Bela-Bela police’s detectives’ commander Lieutenant-Colonel Abel Phetla confirmed that the case was opened and investigations are underway. He added that there are no leads at this stage but the police are determined to get to the bottom of the matter, like they do in all the crimes reported.

12 months ago       06 April 2017