A scholar patrol team at Lekkerbreek Primary School plays a vital role in educating locals on the importance of obeying road rules and signs.

Photo: Mzamane Ringane 

Stay vigilant and stay alive


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As we welcome the month of December, it is regrettable that many people find themselves lying in hospitals or even lose their lives as a result of accidents on SA roads every year.

During this time of the year many people from all walks of life travel on national roads to join their families when they celebrate Christmas and New Year. 

While most arrive home safe and sound, a number of people do not make it as they perish on the road.  

Road accidents are reportedly one of the major causes of death worldwide.

According to the recent information issued by World Atlas Statistics, South Africa has the sixth highest road traffic death rate in the world.

As a solution to these serious challenges in the country, the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) will be hosting its first ever indaba with traffic officers from all provinces and municipalities to seek solutions to the carnage on the country’s roads.

The indaba which is aimed at achieving among other goals, to improve the image and professionalism within the sector will take place in Durban from 5 to 9 December. Ministers, MECs, Mayors and members of Mayoral Committees are expected to take part in the meeting.

In other related news, the Minister of Transport Dipuo Peters addressed people at the third National Road Safety Summit held in Durban the previous month.

The summit served to discuss ways to find solutions to the challenges on SA roads and improving road safety in the country.

She said that among other recommendations made by the commissions at this summit, was that drivers must not be allowed to exceed speed limits and further discouraged drinking and driving.   

It was also recommended that the law must be fully implemented and enforced. 

“Roads are integral part of modern life and bring many benefits, but progress in transportation and road infrastructure must not come at the cost of injury or loss of life. There should be no road that is not a safe road. We all have our roles to play: Government have to implement laws and regulations, as well as infrastructure and oversight agencies to ensure enforcement to protect citizens, as well as to ensure accessible and sustainable transport systems for all,” she said.   

While many road accidents happen on national roads, it is important to note that accidents can also happen within residential areas.

Local schools are also playing a significant role in educating scholars and the community at large, on the importance of obeying road signs.

Schools carry out this significant message through their scholar patrol programmes.

Obeying road signs can save lives, both on national roads and within residential areas.

17 months ago       01 December 2016