The Forensic unit searching for evidence in the victim’s vehicle.

Photo: Zani Hiepner

Victims allegedly stabbed and raped  - one suspect in custody


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The police were alerted of a potential hijacking in the Vaalwater region during the early hours of Monday, 28 November.

A man and his girlfriend were enjoying some quality time near Lesideng when they were unexpectedly approached by three men.

As far as the police have seen with their initial preliminary investigations, it has been said that the three men who approached the vehicle saw an opportunity while passing by to potentially hijack the couple.

The three suspects allegedly proceeded to stab the male victim and owner of the vehicle several times in the body and in his head which led to profuse bleeding.

They then turned to the victim’s girlfriend who they allegedly assaulted and raped.

Due to the victims being extremely traumatised, very confused and unable to fight back, the suspects fled the scene in the blue Fiat Palio. 

The vehicle was later found near the Vaalwater Oasis (Choppies) centre, where the vehicle supposedly had a mechanical breakdown and the suspects’ “joyride” rapidly ended.

The police were only alerted at roughly 00:30 about the suspicious vehicle covered in blood and immediately started their hunt to find the owners of the car, as well as the suspects.

“We managed to catch one of the three suspects. We know these guys, and it is not the first time they are in conflict with the law,” said Sargent Mafemani Makhuvele. 

The police were alerted on Monday morning at 10:00 that the two remaining suspects were still in the area, and were hiding in vacant land across the road from the AWA auction grounds.

Concerned citizens from the Vaalwater region namely the West Dunes Aviation immediately volunteered to help with the investigation and brought in a helicopter to cover the area in search of the suspects.

Unfortunately no suspects were found.

Makhuvele stated that the investigation has since been intensified and they are hopeful that more arrests will be made soon.

The victims are recovering from their ordeal, and will soon help track down the remaining suspects.

If anyone has more information regarding the incident, please call the Vaalwater Police on tel. (014) 755 9705 or Sargent Makhuvele on tel. 

082 565 8508. 

18 months ago       01 December 2016