Nomatter Mapunga and Faith Ruhinga are charged with sexual assault for their alleged attack on another woman. Photo: TK Mashaba

Two foreign women arrested for assault


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An assault case against two Zimbabwean women was postponed after they briefly appeared before the Bela-Bela Magistrate’s Court on Monday, 28 November. During their appearance, the pair pleaded guilty to the charges against them.

Nomatter Mapunga (32) and Faith Ruhinga (22) were arrested on Friday, 25 November, after being identified from a video that went viral. The video shows Ruhinga and Mapuga and two other women, allegedly sexually assaulting another woman and pouring peri-peri on her private parts. It is believed that one of the suspects’ boyfriends cheated on her with the victim.

According to Bela-Bela Police’s Lieutenant-Colonel Abel Phetla, the incident occurred on Thursday, 24 November, and the case was opened on Friday, 25 November.

“The two women were arrested later on Friday,” he said. The other two women shown in the video are still at large.

The victim’s family says that she is traumatized by the events.

“She is still having flashbacks and she is going to need psychological help to overcome the trauma,” a relative said.

The victim refused to comment.

17 months ago       01 December 2016